Radar-based Aircraft Detection Lighting System

As a proud member of the Light:Guard family, Quantec Sensors boasts unparalleled expertise in delivering reliable solutions tailored to each project’s needs, utilizing cutting-edge detection technology. With hundreds of successful installations spanning several thousand wind turbines, Quantec Sensors is your trusted partner when it comes to effectively managing obstruction lights. When you need to turn off the lights, count on Quantec Sensors to provide the solution.

How it works:

Flexible system design for maximum adaptability

Tailor made solutions meeting your specific requirements

Complete ADLS solution from a single source

Primary and Secondary Radar Systems from reputable Scandinavian manufacturers, including turn-key on-site installation

Upgrading existing obstruction lights and local communication network in accordance with current regulations

Monitoring and maintenance of ADLS during operation

Support of the approval procedure with the responsible authorities